Leaders in Custom Thermoforming and Heat Seal Machinery

Blister Seal Tooling

Lockwood delivers the same quality you expect from our machines and blisters in our heat seal tooling for all manual and automatic machines.  We can design and manufacture heat seal tooling for new projects or duplicate existing blisters and cards using digital technology for exact replication.

No matter how complex or irregular the shape, we can design standard Blister Heat Seal Tooling or Radio Frequency Tooling (RF) Heat Seal Tooling for Lockwood, Algus or other machines.

We guarantee Lockwood blisters will feed with our tooling and machines every time!

Every complete set of tooling, which includes nesting trays, blister and card feeder chutes, heat seal plates, plug feed racks and feed plugs is tested with your product on our machines before despatch. Our goal is for you to be ready to run when your tooling arrives, we will test run as many samples as you send us.

We offer standard tooling or quick change tooling (QCT) on our automatic machines, if you opt for QCT, this will enable you to complete a full tool change within ten minutes and be running another product with minimum downtime and cost and maximum production.

Manual Blister Seal Tooling

For manual shuttle or rotary machines are simple drop in nest plates and can be changed in less than 1 minute with no tools. All tooling is Teflon coated and aluminium topped; normal manufacture time is 5-7 days, faster if you really need it!

  Automatic Blister Seal Tooling - Features

Product nesting trays
Blister feeder magazine
Card (s) feeder magazine
Blister pick off plug rack
Card (s) pick off plug rack
Heater plate
Eject pick off plug rack
Quality construction materials
High grade silicon rubber sealing pads
Press-in type (nylon) lid alignment pins
Teflon wrapped profiled seal die
Precision profile seal dies to match blister flange
No special tools needed to install

Automatic Blister Seal Tooling – Options

Hot emboss imprinting for date coding or lot number identificationPlastic sealing (RF, Sonic, Hot-Cold and Crush Pin)
Anodize coatings to improve resistance to wear and corrosion
Ceramic Teflon coating on seal die for uniform temperature control & release
Insert product feeding
Quick Change Tooling (QCT)
Spring-loaded retractable lid registration pins for flat seal dies
Moulded silicon seal gaskets
Custom engraving of customers code or tool number
Replacement silicon rubber seal pads